Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun & Busy Memorial Day Weekend

This long holiday weekend was lots of fun! We stayed in town but were busy, busy and hit up the Edmond Blues Fest, Paseo Arts Festival and of course got some pool time, among a slew of other things including Kate's first taste of spaghetti (I took a before and after pic included here) and her first trip to Sam's - ha! ha! With the spaghetti, she was pretty funny - not sure she knew she was supposed to eat it! We stripped her down completely, knowing this was going to be a messy deal all the way around. Kate literally grabbed a handful from the plate and put it on the table and just looked at it like..."what am I supposed to do with this???" Finally, she put a messy handful in her mouth but she didn't seem to love it. I guess it's just a new food but if she's anything like her mom, she'll love pasta!

It was great family time this weekend but we are totally worn out. These days, Kate is on the go and wants to attempt to walk everywhere holding our hands since she's not able to walk just yet on her own. So, we spend our days crunched over walking from here to there and everywhere - and have learned to live with a permanent crick in our backs! She's pretty cute though and she will giggle hysterically when I pretend like I'm going to get her - literally, I say "I'm gonna get you" and hold my hands up and she will take off and scream and let out the cutest, boisterous laugh I've ever heard! I'll have to try to post a video here of her doing this - she loves being chased! Here are some of my favorite pics from this weekend! Can't believe it's June and certainly can't believe Kate will be 1 in just a couple of weeks. My oh my!

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