Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Fun

Way behind in posting so here's my attempt at a catch up that includes lots of fun photos from our recent fall adventures with Kate. It's a long one since we're so far behind. Let's see...where to begin? We went to the same pumpkin patch we took Kate to last year, although it was a whole new experience!! She was only about 4 months old last year, so it was fun to see her all grown up and running around taking in everything. Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Alli tagged along with our fam and watched Kate pet the animals, pick out pumpkins and of course, the hay ride! I was amazed at how Kate sat so big on a hale bale next to her daddy and others and was so content with it all.

We also checked out a new spot called Storybook Forest in Edmond around Halloween. It's out at Arcadia Lake and they decorate the forest with storybook characters who all pass out candy to the kids. They also have outdoor fires for making smores and hay bales where kids can sit and listen to stories. I think Kate will enjoy a lot more next year - not sure she knew exactly what the deal was ; ) but she had a blast navigating her way through the forest and seeing all the characters. It's such a popular event - tons of kids in costumes. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for something fun and festive to do with kids around Halloween.

There's also a few pics from the Oklahoma City Myriad Gardens grand re-opening. I was bummed to miss this event with Kate - I was in NYC for business but she had fun with her daddy and others. We also had a great Halloween! Kate was a bumble bee and had such a blast answering the door and passing out candy to all the trick or treaters. She would be playing with all of her toys but as soon as she heard the doorbell ring, we would say "trick or treat" and she would hop up and run to the door to help Grandma pass out candy. Grandma is a first grade teacher, so all of her kiddos paid her a special visit and she was the star of the show!

I also included several other snapshots that I love - like this one of Kate in her OU cheerleading outfit. Ha ha! And, there's a shot of her that we captured at the 15 month mark back in September with her alongside her monkey. It's super challenging to get her to sit still long enough to take a shot with her monkey these days but here was our best attempt ; )

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