Monday, August 9, 2010

All Dressed Up and No Place To Go...

It was just another Saturday...we played a little dress up and yet had nowhere to go! Kate is in the best mood in the early to mid-morning hours after a good night's sleep, so weekends are the best time for Kyle and I both to enjoy her happiness and have fun with her! Again, her daddy really doesn't like her to wear these cute bows, so it wasn't something that she got to wear all day (unfortunately)! Someday she'll be big enough to tell her dad that all she wants to wear is pretty bows -- then, again maybe she'll despise them just as much as her dad ; )! Kate is developing more of a personality every day and bringing us more and more joy!

Here's also an update on things we've discovered along the way that Kate absoutely loves...

Bath time - she's so content and peaceful in the bath! She coos and is more alert than ever during tubby time!

Lying on her daddy's chest - it's one of her favorite places to take a nap!

Sprout TV - we're learning about "chicka" and "star", The Wiggles, Caillou and so many others! We're not sure if she's really paying attention but she's mesmerized by it all ; )

Her crib - she's officially moved from her bassinet to her crib - it's crazy how fast she outgrew it!

Walks around the block - our fancy BOB stroller has already been put to good use and Kate absolutely loves taking a stroll around the block - we only wish we had cooler temps so we could go on longer and more frequent strolls.

The outdoors - something about the fresh air and natural light - if she's ever fussy, heading outdoors will do the trick and settle her down.

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