Saturday, October 9, 2010

Girl Meets Boy

Last weekend, Kate took her second road trip but this time it was to see our good friends, Delana and Stephen Mota, in Dallas! Delana and Steve just had a little boy (Preston George Mota) in late he's about 5 weeks old and Kate is 3 1/2 months. The timing of children for both Delana and I could not have been more perfect! It's exciting that our kids are so close in age and I know that they will have many, many fun times together as they get older. The weekend was so much fun but my have times changed ; ) From college roomies to now mommies, our lives have changed dramatically but it couldn't be better!

Preston is so handsome and has so much hair! Delana styles it will a little dab of baby lotion and he looks so adorable! We watched these two all weekend and told baby story after baby story. It's crazy how much Kate has changed since she was 5 weeks old...time truly flies! Kate was definitely awake more and required more entertainment, which we were happy to provide. We went on walks, played on Preston's fun mat, read books, watched some football and just hung out. Delana and I broke away for a while and treated ourselves to manis and pedis...can't wait until Kate can come along ; )

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