Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kate Meets Elle

Last weekend, one of my best friends, Courtney, and her husband, Josh, came to visit us with their little girl, Elle! They live in Mississippi, so it was quite the trip for them to haul their little one (who is about 20 months old) all the way to Oklahoma....I won't even go into all the terrible delays and airport madness they faced. I was just thankful they were able to get here, so that Kate could meet Elle for the first time! And, I hadn't seen Elle since she was around 6 months old, so I was so excited to see her again. She's such a doll - as you can see by these pics!!

Kate and Elle had a great time together. I think Kate is really into toddlers who talk and move - she seems to be mesmerized by them. Elle tried her best to say "Kate" but it ended up sounding more like "Baby Cake" - so cute! Spending the weekend with Elle gave me a good glimpse into what the near future holds in store...tons of fun with one on the move! I absolutely love this shot of the girls giving each other a kiss.

The weekend was so much fun - we went to the Omniplex Science Museum and went to a Thunder game and watched the Thunder beat the Knicks with just seconds left. It was awesome!

Wish there wasn't so much distance between us! Next time, it'll be our turn to haul Miss Kate cross country to visit.

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