Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Holiday Card

I think I've finally gotten all of the holiday cards out to friends, fam, etc. but I'm certain that I've forgotten to send to so many. I'm trying to compile a more complete list of addresses but it's a major work in progress. I've seem to have lost track of the wedding guest list spreadsheet that had so many contacts. That feels like it was many moons ago and definitely a few computers back.

Thought I'd share the card here on the blog because I love it so much and know that with my incomplete mailing list, I had to have missed sending to so many! Kate definitely has spiced up our traditional, boring holiday card with her cuteness ; ) Brandi Traina with Traina Photography captured all of these amazing photos! She is absolutely amazing and if anyone is in need of priceless pictures, she's your go-to person! Her eye is incredible and she is so much fun and easy to work with. A photo shoot with an infant is no easy task, but I'm amazed at the shots she was able to capture from the comfort of our own home! And, many, many thanks to Kami for designing such a cute card! You're the best!!!

I love the expression on Kate's face on the front of the card! Kyle's favorite picture is the one of her grinning with the little ski cap! I love them all - stay tuned for more pics from this session - yes, there are actually more great shots that we weren't able to include on the card.

Happy holidays!!!!

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