Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Kate at 20 Weeks

We had our 20 week visit to see the doctor just a few weeks ago, and at this visit, the doctor was going to give us the verdict on whether we were going to have a little girl or a little boy. Funny about 16 weeks (too early to really know), our doctor took a peek to see if he could tell. He actually told us he was 75% sure it was a boy. Ha! Boy, was he wrong. The 3D ultra-sound at our 20 week visit reveals clearly that we are expecting a little girl. I'm not a doctor but I knew as soon as we could see some of the images that there were no boy parts to be found.

Looking back on it, I think to myself now wait a minute...the doctor had a 50% chance of guessing right to begin with, so giving us a "I'm 75% sure" really doesn't amount to very much, does it?!?! Of course, we didn't paint the nursery or do anything drastic at the 16-week mark, but I did get myself in a state of mind that I was going to have a boy and started wondering what in the world I was going to do?! Girls are easy...I know (or think I know) exactly what you'd do to entertain them, how you would dress them, songs you sing, Disney movies you watch, princess dresses you buy, yada yada yada. A boy is another story...I only had questions about whether it was ok to do certain things, ok to dress him certain get the idea.

So, with a little girl on the way, I rest a little easier. Although to be our first, it didn't really matter boy or girl. We would have been overjoyed with either.

Now, bring on the princess dresses and movies, frills, hair bows, fairy tales, patti cakes, and everything else that's sugar and spice and everything nice.

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  1. We are sooo excited for you guys! Lil Kate is going to be absolutely precious and is super lucky to have the two of you for parents!
    Love, Stephen and Delana