Monday, March 15, 2010

The Baby Registry

Kyle and I created a baby registry recently and got acquainted with the world of Babies R Us. I don't think either one of us had stepped foot in the store prior to setting this bad boy up and neither one of us knew what should or shouldn't be on a baby registry -- but fear not, they had some nice people in the store that gave us a checklist, let us explore and answered all sorts of questions. So, for all of you baby pros out there, let us know if we're missing any crucial or essential items. I think we've got a good mix going but I already had one friend look over it just quickly and she said there's no way you'll survive with just two now we're registered for that enough??? Let us know what else needs tweeked!

I've pulled a few of our registry items to share but to get the full scoop you'll have to check our registry out online at Babies R Us.

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  1. Everyone will have an opinion on what constitutes a "must have!" My personal experience is that things like wipe warmers are fun gadgets but just take up space without any REAL utility. My motto is get them used to cold wipes and room temperature bottles from the get go or they will be spoiled when you eventually decide warming things up is too much trouble!! LOL!