Sunday, April 4, 2010

Big Easter Weekend

[Alli (Kyle's sister), Kyle and Kay (Kyle's mom)]

[Kevin (Kyle's dad), Kay, Me (with what looks like a basketball size belly - gees!) and Kyle]

[Kyle, me, Alli and Brian (Alli's husband)]

We had such a beautiful Easter in Oklahoma City! The temperature was close to 85, sunny and blue skies! The wind was a different windy you can probably tell from some of these photos. And, these photos might be the first that I've posted where you can definitely see the belly I've got going. Yikes!

We went to church with Kyle's family. Kinda neat seeing all sorts of little girls in their Easter dresses (so, so cute!)...and hard to believe we'll have Kate with us this time next year. After church, we had lunch and Kyle took off to play golf with his dad. I think this is the first time he's played golf this year, so he was super excited!

Home projects are moving along for us...the goal is to have them all completed in the next two weeks. That's a pretty big goal! It was a busy weekend. Kyle and I also spent our Saturday in birthing classes. We weren't sure if we were going to even attend the classes but thought, well, we might as well get all the information we can! It was an interesting experience - probably learned about some things I'd rather have gone into labor without knowing -- but oh, well! Guess I'm completely informed now!

We also got all of our crib bedding in this weekend that we were having made and the nursery is even further along. I know I've been promising pictures of how the nursery is developing and I promise to show soon!