Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kyle and Carrie's B'day

We celebrated Kyle and his sister Carrie's birthdays recently - they are two years and a day apart in age! Carrie is his older sister and they grew up sharing their birthday celebrations together! And it continues ; ) As you can see, Kyle got a little something nice from Victoria Secret -- haha! Just kidding, it was just what the fam wrapped up a bottle of Jack Daniels single barrel whiskey. I think Kyle also got a Twilight card from the fam too - ha! And, he always has to have his favorite dessert - a big cookie cake.

Kyle is still celebrating with the best b'day gift ever - Kate! But, I also bought him a comfy hammock and it's big enough for the whole family to enjoy. We'll be spending mucho time in it! Can't wait!

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