Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just for Fun!

[goofin' around - I think she was sticking her tongue out at us!]

[hello world!]

[one of her favorite spots!]

[check out this series of pics...]

[along the way, I obviously upset her ; ) but she's still so precious!]

Life has been so great! We can hardly believe how fast Kate is growing and changing. She's 6 1/2 weeks as of today!!! We haven't gotten out of the house much since she was born, except to maybe go to grandma's house for a few hours. We decided to wait until she has all of her shots to get her out and about like we'd like. So, for now, we're just making our to-do list of all the places we'll get to go once we're officially on the move. Here's a few of the latest pics we've captured! We've got some great video too and I need to get a few of those clips posted soon so you can see her in action! She loves the bath and we've got some fun bath time footage.

Kate also flashed me her first "real" smile about a week or so ago! It totally caught me off guard. It was one random morning and she's always happy after getting a good night's rest. I looked down at her and it was the biggest, gummy smile I've ever seen - so great! I also got her to do it for me on command on video the other day...I was shocked but it's priceless! Those are the moments you wish you could bottle up forever and ever!!

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