Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kate's First Thanksgiving!

Kate's very first Thanksgiving was spent in Nashville, Tennessee visiting family and could not have been better! We are all so thankful to have her as the newest addition to the family. To get to Nashville, we flew with Kate for the very first time...which was an adventure. I had intended to take pictures of her/us at the airport but with all the other airport chaos, that just never happened. We got to the airport and realized we had left several crucial items - I swear, sooner or later, I'll get this packing thing down. We left the car seat base and an essential bottle part, all of which had to be purchased so that we could survive the trip. The flights were packed due to the holidays. Maybe I would feel otherwise if the airport had not been so busy, but if you're traveling with an infant, my advice is to cough up the extra bucks to purchase the additional seat and have the extra space for a car seat or whatever would make them most comfortable. Traveling with a five month old in your lap is not an easy challenge!

Thanksgiving weekend was spent relaxing, eating, shopping and before leaving town, we even went to a hockey game! Kate was mesmerized with hockey and despite the cool temps inside the arena, she gazed at all of the players, ice rink, and loved all the music and lights! We got to go in style and had our own suite, so it was nice to move inside to warm up and toward the end of the night, Kate totally passed out and had a nice comfy space to rest!

Here are some of our favorite pics from the weekend!

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