Friday, May 21, 2010

33 Week Ultrasound Pics & A Little Poll!

Last Saturday, Kyle and I had our final ultrasound appointment with our doctor and they gave us some more awesome pics to take home of Kate! She was super cooperative in the beginning - probably thanks to the chocolate milk I drank for breakfast! But, she caught on really quickly to what was going on and then started covering her face. These pics are from the very beginning and you can even see her cracking a smile - or a little grin at least - in one of the pics! I think the hard copies of the pics we have are a bit more clear and better than these that I had to scan to post but you can still see her sweet face in 4D - just crazy! There's also a regular pic where the doc pointed out that she had some hair. I had no idea they could see that sort of thing in an ultrasound.

Doc says that Kate is as healthy as can be and she's a little bigger than average by his estimate according to how far along I am. I'm just praying that I don't have to deliver a 10 pound baby! Can't even imagine! Kate is right around 5.5 pounds now - according to the doctor. Her cheeks are pretty chubby - wonder where she gets that? What are your thoughts...? Kyle and I are taking a poll...just who will Miss Kate resemble the most??? Let us know your thoughts!


  1. I am going to need to see baby pictures of the two of you to decide. . .

  2. I vote Ashley! =) Love the latest pics, she's going to be a little doll!!