Monday, May 31, 2010

The Pool is Officially Open!

Kyle and I broke in the pool for the first time this summer over this long Memorial Day weekend! Thankfully, we had awesome weather this entire weekend so it was prime time for pool relaxation. We usually do this each year by inviting a group of friends over, enjoying the pool, having some drinks and grilling! This year, I was anxious to get in the pool (although not anxious to put on a swimsuit) and had joked about whether I would sink like a rock or manage to float. Unlike years past, only a couple of select people were invited to "stop by" and they were clearly forewarned that no comments were to be made about the over 8 month pregnant woman and her attempts to enjoy a little pool time! It was so relaxing to be in the pool though! Here's a few pics of the pool and some staples from our backyard that we enjoy every year - the white rocking chairs, pool floats, flowers and our dog! And speaking of Cooper (our dog), I just realized that we haven't posted a pic of him...oh gees! he is in all his glory! He's so awesome and I often joke that if we can have a child that's as behaved and laid back as Cooper, we'll be set!

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