Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Father's Day!

Today was such a wonderful day for Kyle and Kate is hands down the best gift ever! We celebrated our first Father's Day by just maxing and relaxing with our new baby girl! Kate and I also gave Kyle two incredibly cute photos of her for his office so that he'll always have on hand pictures of the two most important girls in his life who love him more than anything! The hardest part was narrowing down which pictures to frame for him - we already have tons and I think they are all equally cute! Kate doesn't take a bad picture - not in my opinion ; )

We also baked brownies today with Mimi and will indulge in Kyle's favorite dessert - a brownie sundae, with whip cream and a cherry on top! We had our first long night with Kate last night but today she was in the best mood and actually spent quite a bit of time awake and alert! Last night was a test for us and not sure how we fared. Kyle and I both haven't caught up on sleep and so we were wiped, so it made it difficult to figure out exactly what might have been bothering Kate. We think she might have had an upset stomach or something...? All has been well today though, so we're crossing our fingers for a somewhat more restful night tonight.

Here are a few recent pics! I love this little green and white polka dot dress on Kate! We had a big white bow in one of the shots that I love as well but dad isn't sold on the idea of bows yet. He's only sold on the idea of comfort and pretty much thinks bows are useless I think! We're going to have to work on him! Oh...and there's one shot of Kate's teensy tiny legs. They are so skinny but long...same deal with her arms. Perhaps that's a Murphy trait!


  1. Absolutely precious! Glad Kyle had a great 1st Father's Day. Hope you got more rest last night! Love ya!

  2. She does seem alert! Those first few nights are crazy trying to figure out what's what and how to function. It will get better, I promise! I think bows are so cute on little girls and I wish we'd put Bailey in more of them when she was too young to complain! Ha!