Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Special Shower Just For Grandma!

Last week, my mom was surprised by some of her friends with a very special grandmother's shower just for her and little Kate! What a clever idea, huh?! Mom was totally caught off guard by the whole deal. She thought they were just out for one of their regular lunch outings until she noticed a very special seat at the head of the table that was surrounded by precious gifts! It was an awesome surprise and she was so excited about all of the fun items she received. I'm a little jealous at some of her loot -- it's all super cute and personalized and you gotta love the doggy puppet -- just adorable!

The sign "every time a child is born, so is a grandmother" is certainly true and in my mind, all first time grandma's are deserving of a shower all their own! Mom certainly doesn't look like a grandma in my mind! Mom (or should I start calling her grandma or mimi or well...we haven't decided on her official title and more than likely Kate will be the one to decide that anyway) is very excited for Kate to arrive! She and dad will be heading this way very, very soon!

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