Thursday, June 24, 2010

One Week Old!

Yesterday marked one week for Kate! It's amazing how much she's changed and developed just in one short week! Life has been so great with her in it. Kyle and I are still getting adjusted to having a baby in our lives but it's been an amazingly fun journey so far!!! Over the last week, we've learned a lot about our Kate. Here's just a short list of things she loves!

Kate loves...

To eat (and has been taking down lots of food without any problems)

The sleep sheep - a shower gift we received that I highly recommend - I'd like to sleep with one myself. It's very soothing!

Listening to her mom humming (not necessarily singing but humming pretty much anything)

Calf massages - yep, that's right...she'll stretch her little skinny legs out on her own and hold them out if you'll rub her calves

Late afternoons when she's fully awake and gets lots of attention

Cooper dog (and Cooper dog loves her)

To be tickled (or maybe it's torture but we can usually get a smile out of her)

To make an Elvis face that then turns into a smile

To dream...and she coos and makes lots of sounds as if she wants to talk to us already

Sleeping with her arms in a touchdown position

Having her picture taken ; ) (she had her first photo shoot today and I CANNOT WAIT to post what the photographer captured - stay tuned!)

To play dress up. She pretty much lets mom dress her in any attire but dad insists on her wearing something comfy.

Bath time believe it or not...she doesn't cry and loves to be wrapped up in her warm little robe and loved on afterwards!

Her little lamb swing (but she just looks so small sitting in it that we have to closely monitor and don't let her hang out in it as much as she might like ; )

Her daddy lots and lots.

I'm sure this next week will bring even more exciting developments that we'll have to share. We love her so much and are so grateful to have her in our lives!


  1. Congrats on the beautiful baby!!! Love your blog

  2. She's so precious! I love all of her little outfits!