Saturday, June 12, 2010

John's Birthday

[John unwrapping his gifts]

[Kyle and his big sister, Carrie (John's wife)]

[Gotta love the Victoria Secret wrapping]

[From L to R: Carrie, Kay and Alli enjoying some pool time]

[Alli and her daddy - she's a daddy's girl!]

Last weekend, we celebrated John's, our brother-in-law's birthday. I won't disclose how old he's getting ; ) - but he's older than us! Ha! Kyle's fam got together for a little birthday celebration, complete with John's favorite meal -- fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and a brownie/chocolate/whip cream dessert deal that is to die for! The meal hit the spot with me. The home cookin' was delicious and I think Kate really liked it too!

We always have to play around with birthdays and so we wrapped John's gift in a girly, Victoria Secret bag with lots of pink tissue! Inside, however, was exactly what he wanted -- a bunch of boy stuff like ammunition for a gun, a holster and hmmm...there might have been something else along those lines. I honestly don't recall!

Afterwards, we sat around by the pool and enjoyed the day! I think I took a big long nap shortly after lunch as well. I was stuffed like on Thanksgiving!

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